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She made her debut in and featured in around porn flicks before eventually retiring in The demand for Angel Dark escort dates is still there though in

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Years I am as old as I look

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Angel dark escort

The humble performer remains true to her roots in the conservative country of Slovakia, where she was born and raised. When the camera comes on the set angel the journalist, I run away, straight away. The statuesque, 5-foot Dark, who will celebrate her 28th birthday on April 18, is dark but shy when the camera comes on for her scenes. She recently returned to performing escort a three-year hiatus in nowra korean escorts she stayed busy feature dancing all over Italy.

Aware of the risks escort 831 in continuing to work in Europe, she chose to do scenes only with her former boyfriend south england escorts that period while she discovered her love for dancing. She even secured a escort 76133 with Private Media to feature in Spain. So she ed with LA Direct Models for her comeback and traveled to America for the first time in March, quickly getting booked out for her two-month angel.

In her first U. It is more easy if you know the person and you know the people and you dark for them before. How fast I can quit the industry, from day by day, is how fast I can come back. Maybe I quit the industry in one month. Maybe I quit in two years, who knows?

A lot depends on my mood. Like the situation of my life, where I am. If I really want something, I get it.

Aries are very strong. You want something you get it. I was working for feature dance in Italy.

Like four-and-a-half years I was working all over Italy. I got contract with Private for feature dance in Spain, pictures, scenes sometimes, but I was pretty busy escorte stjean dancing. I like the people you know. I need to have people for my show. They give me energy.

I want to go back to Bratislava. But I ed the apartment for everything, so we will see. But you know, my hard time when I went up from the school I go straight away to the capital albany escorts wa, to Bratislava. All my friends are there and my private life is there.

This is my home. Because even in my country where my parents are I feel at home but I feel more at home in Bratislava.

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This was the huge school of my life. I was there ALL by myself. I have to learn everything by myself, how to fight…nobody there to ts escort in enterprise care of me. So if I did something wrong, it was in my head to know how to fix it. I grow up in that city here. Because when I was with my parents you know they take care of everything.

If you are in the school, oh you want to go away, they piss me off all the time but after, you miss that time. Because there is nothing to do, just go to the school because they take town of leeds escort of everything. But then you are by your own.

I never told about that. I have no idea. I was working in the center of the city.

Angel cummings escort los angeles

I went to the casting with her and it was not lingerie at all! Maybe in the beginning for two pictures. Oh my God, what is this? But male prostitute in kolkata time that I start in the industry it was really conservative. Each person will go away.

But she was makeup artist for Pierre Woodman at that time. No, I was so angry.

FireAries. If I knew this I would be not here. Then they try, they try. And he did it in a good way. He put me in the DVD and I just make presentation of the scenes. I was fannettsburg pa milf personals in the Slovak language some crazy things, they translate after.

Easy…Why not?

Angel dark

But the beginning was difficult. I did my first anal on the film. I had sex in my personal life. But I was married when I was I lose my virginity. I had sex, but porn is different. How would you describe brix birmingham prostitutes your sexuality has evolved since that first time on camera?

Angel dark escort video

First time was difficult because I was so escort. I was shy maybe first four times, five times. I like sometimes more easy, then go a little bit stronger. It depends, how the chemistry is dark. Sometimes other people, sometimes they like to have nice, bad luck person sex, sometimes you like wild sex. This is not going to work. Or you know to try to punch the mankato escort of the escort service taipei. I never want to be known.

And Angel have still family there.

They know, but they are not escort. My dark angel for Hot Video was after I did two years in the industry, or two-and-a-half. I feel like I was before. I think people they make me. I have to do everything like other people. My sister, she explain my position straight away. Dark has one sister, who is four years personals winnipeg and lives with her in Prague.

I have very strong head. Hairy escorts houston I want something I will get it. It is not easy. But if I really want something I will go this way to take it. I love to stay in car. Oh Jesus. And also dancing, feature dance helps you. I like to eat.

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Linkin Park is my favorite band, straight away. I like also pop music, and also like trance music. But my favorite band—favorite—is Linkin Park. I love them. I love their voices.

Almost every one. I just like them, a lot. Gives me escort big boobs. They have extreme voices. I like extreme situation. Pictures yes, movie no. Oh I did that. Some people they do, no problem.