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For some young men, the sex trade offers an income prostitution in united kingdom and gosport in the rest of the cash-strapped economy. Carlos Triana dropped out of school when he was about 15 and became a male prostitute in Vedado, a tourist area of Havana.

His family was too poor to buy him shoes or provide food for the school day.

So instead he took to leading a double life, pretending to his family that he was still going to school. Bermudez became involved because he had to support his disabled mother and his school-age brother.

After the Revolution, the new Communist authorities made every effort to eradicate prostitution. The revival in the sex trade dates from birmingham al personals early s, when Soviet economic assistance dried up, and the tourist industry started to take off.

They seek out foreigners, charging them between 20 and 50 convertible london mills il housewives personals. As the stories of Triana and Bermudez show, poverty is one of the factors driving young men as well as women to become sex workers.

One young man who gave his name as Roco said that initially, he became a pinguero because he needed the money, but he has carried on so that he can afford to take girlfriends out.

Psychologist Pavel O. Reporters in Cuba. Photo: Alexander Robles.

Wednesday, 23 January, Locations Cuba. Connect with us.

Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin. A mother cradles her baby in Santiago de Cuba.

Residents shelter in a basement as air raid sirens sound in Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh. First Person. Demonstrators paste wishes on post-it notes on the "wish wall" in Tahrir Square escorts girls in brisbane Nov.

People transport goods in the Rwandan countryside. Investigative Report.

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