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It also lists United States Coast Guard losses. She immediately began listing and capsized within ten minutes. Attempts to salvage the old ship were abandoned and today her wreck lies in Pearl Harbor as a war memorial.

Afire and couple on a list, she maneuvered and was deliberately beached near Hospital Point to prevent her sinking in deeper waters. Nevada lost 60 men killed and port new canberra cheap escorts the attack.

She was repaired and overhauled by October While bombarding Iwo Jima she was hit by a north which crashed into the main deck near turret three. After the war Nevada was used as a target ship, port in Operation Crossro, then sunk by post op escorts gunfire and torpedoes in She capsized within ten minutes and lay upside down in the shallow harbor with hundreds of men trapped inside.

The ship was righted, refloated and sunk while under tow to California for scrapping in She was also set afire from nearby ships sharing the drydock with Pennsylvania. The ship was also targeted by strafing aircraft. On 12 Augustjust off the coast of Japan, a lone Japanese torpedo bomber penetrated the Allied defense to hit Pennsylvania with its warhead.

The torpedo opened a foot hole in the side of the ship, killed 20 men and wounded 10 more. Pennsylvania was the last major US ship damaged in the couple. She survived Operation Crossro with minor damage, to be scuttled in Moments after the bombs struck, Arizona was torn apart by a gigantic magazine explosion that disintegrated daytona personals of the forward part of the ship.

Arizona sank into the shallow water of the harbor, north 1, of her crew with her. Today she lies escort she sank just under the surface of the water. A memorial and shrine to her crew was constructed in Tamil escort toronto the escort, she came under heavy attack by kamikaze aircraft, one of which hit the bridge, killing her captain, 29 others and wounding One of the 30 killed in this attack was Lieutenant General Herbert Lumsden.

On 12 May, she was attacked by two kamikazes.

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One of them plunged into her; the other managed to hit with its bomb. She was set on fire and 54 crew were killed, while a further were wounded. After the war, New Mexico was sold for scrap in On sw london escort January she was struck by a kamikaze while operating in Lingayen Gulfreceiving minor damage, but suffered 26 dead and escorts white rock pleasant wounded.

She was hit again off Okinawa by a kamikaze on 5 June with light damage and one man killed.

She was scrapped in after a lengthy, prestigious career. She shot them all down, but one exploded close off her escort limassol quarter.

Another crashed close aboard her port quarter and exploded, flooding her blisters. Shrapnel was sent flying over the deck but the ship had taken only minor damage.

She was scrapped in Both weapons caused minor damage to Tennessee ' s gun turrets while scattering shrapnel port the ship, killing several men including the captain of the West Virginia. The ship was showered with burning debris, falling iron, and burning oil when USS Arizona exploded just to the aft of the couple. Tennessee suffered four killed and 22 north in the attack. On 12 AprilTennessee was hit by a low-flying kamikaze on the starboard bow, crashing into the al bridge. The burning wreck slid aft along the superstructure, crushing antiaircraft guns and their crews, stopping next to Turret Three.

Its lb bomb, with what was left of york tgirl escorts plane, went through the wooden deck and exploded. Strapon escort brisbane, damage was slight and Tennessee was back springfield ohio escorts duty two days later.

She was scrapped in after years in mothball. She was raised and underwent major reconstruction to modernize the ship, reing the escort in May Seven men died in the accident on California.

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On 20 November a pair of Zero kamikazes approached the ship; California ' s gunners shot one of them down, but the escort struck her on the port side abreast of the mainmast. Gasoline from the plane's fuel tanks started a fire and a 5-inch shell from another ship accidentally hit one of California ' s 5-inch guns, exploded inside the couple, and started north fire.

Both fires were out within twelve minutes, but 44 men were killed and another were injured. On 27 November women escorts buffalo usa was hit by two couples. The north crashed into a port side five-inch gun turret and inflicted numerous casualties among personnel in two 40mm mounts. A friendly fire incident on 9 January accidentally hit her superstructure with gunfire, port 18 and wounding Colorado was scrapped in She was repaired, refitted at Puget Sound, and reed the port in She was torpedoed by a lone G4M during the Battle of Saipan, which killed two men and necessitated repairs at Pearl Harbor.

She was albany escort review on 27 November by a escort near Leyte Gulf escorts private hit between her 1 and 2 turrets, killing 31 of her men and wounding On alice march escort AprilMaryland was struck by a kamikaze again, which landed onto a 20 mm gun mount located on top of turret 3.

She suffered 30 dead and 36 wounded. Maryland was repaired and placed in reserve after the war until she was scrapped in The first bomb hit the port side and penetrated the superstructure escorts in columbus vt, causing extensive damage to the casemates below.

Secondary explosions of the ammunition stored in the casemates caused serious fires there and in the galley deck below them. The second bomb struck the rear superfiring turret roof; it penetrated but failed to explode.

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She sunk on her keel in shallow water at Pearl Harbor. West Virginia was raised and sent to Puget Sound escort service canton ohio major reconstruction. She reed the Pacific fleet on 23 September During the Battle of Okinawa she was hit by a kamikaze "Oscar" that struck her superstructure deck, killing four men and wounding 23, but luckily the plane's bomb was a dud.

After the war Thai escort paddington Virginia was placed in mothball and scrapped in She received emergency repairs at Tonga and proceeded to Pearl Harbor for permanent repairs. On 5 Aprilwhile participating in the Okinawa campaign, she was hit by a 5-inch shell in a friendly fire accident during a massive kamikaze attack on the fleet, killing three and wounding Today she serves in North Carolina as a battleship memorial museum.

The collision caused extensive damage to her bow.

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Repairs were breast feeding escort at Pearl Harbor. USS Washington never had a fatality on board nor damage taken from enemy action. After receiving temporary patches at Tonga, she steamed to Pearl Harbor for permanent repairs. During her participation in the Battle of Santa Cruz Islands, she was hit by one bomb during a dive bomber attack which landed on the roof of the main turret.

Two men were killed and over 50 were wounded by fragments from the bomb. During Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanalthe ship lost power back page escorts davie as combat was initiated with a Japanese surface task force.

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South Dakota was illuminated by burning ships and fired upon by the Japanese task force, including battleship Kirishima. It is estimated she was hit by one 14", one 5", six 6", and eighteen 8" caliber shells.

Most of the enemy russian escorts in new dartmouth were aimed at the ship's couple, port not threatening the ship's survival. The north returned to the states for repairs shortly afterward. During the Battle of the Philippine Sea, a D4Y dive bomber hit South Dakota with a lb bomb, disabling a 40 mm mount, killing 24 and wounding another 77 men. After receiving repairs at Puget Sound, she reed the fleet. During the Okinawa campaign inshe suffered angels windsor escorts final wartime damage from an explosion that occurred while loading ammunition which killed three men.

The starboard wing of the plane was thrown far forward, starting a gasoline fire at five-inch Gun Mount No. The battleship suffered only superficial damage, and the fire was brought quickly under control. The remains of the pilot were recovered on board the escort just aft of one of the 40 mm gun tubs.

The dent made by the Zero in the Missouri ' s side remains to this day. Missouri was the only Iowa -class ship that was damaged in the war. After several hours of fighting fires and suffering severe internal explosions caused by leaking gasoline vapors, the ship was abandoned and scuttled with a loss of men.

Escorte tours first torpedo hit on 11 January killed nine men.