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Top definition. Slang words for prostitute. The prostute's customer is a usually known as a John because mostly men use the services of prostutes.

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Top definition.

Apr 26 Word of the Day. The default beliefs installed when you were karla brisbane escort. An unexamined position you absorbed from your environment growing up.

I wellesley ma milf personals up in a conservative home so my factory settings lead me to vote Republican. I grew up in a liberal home so my factory settings lead me to vote Democrat.

Girlfriend Experience. When an escort offers a service more akin to a 'real' relationship rather than just sex. Men who indulge in such Girlfriend Experiences with escorts are said to be enjoying The Hobby. It's get the Bassfield ms adult personals Experience - I don't need to try to impress her - she'll come out with me on the town and later I get garunteed sex.

But she is still a prostitute, it costs me. The true Girlfriend Experience is something a man askes for when he goes visits a prostitute and dosen't want byron bay escorts use a condom.

Upon finding the massage parlor he asked the hooker if he could have the " girlfriend experience " because he really, really wanted st dubuque escort service catch AIDS! OR I had a cop in here earlier saying he was " doing research for a movie" and asked me what the " true girlfriend experience " was.

So I told this fool that it means, taking a ho out to a restraunt, movie, and kissing her in pubic. Can you believe that sucker left beliving me?

What an idiot!!!!!! Apr 26 trending 1.

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