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Acid is a slang term for lysergic acid diethylamide LSD.

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While LSD can be a dangerous drug, and one escort north london is mostly abused by young people, it may be an advantage that the s are LSD abuse are vip escorts in abbotsford distinctive, as this makes them easier for parents or loved ones to detect this type of drug abuse. LSD is sold in pills, capsules or in liquid form. The liquid is soaked into specially prepared blotting paper that is often imprinted with cartoon characters and perforated.

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All about lsd

LSD is a type of psychedelic drug that can lead to hallucinations. LSD alters a person's ability to think and feel. It newcastle escort personals cause changes in sensation and emotions. In its pure state, LSD is a white, odorless powder.

It's often sold in liquid form or as tablets or capsules. It's often put on absorbent paper. This paper is then cut into small, decorated squares. Each escort girls chicago is one dose.

LSD is very powerful. Small amounts can cause strong effects. These effects are hard to predict. They often start 30 to 90 minutes after taking the drug.

They are strongest 3 to 5 hours later. They can last sunderland now classifieds personals up to 12 hours. Distorted body image a person feels as if he or she is floating or being pulled down by gravity.

The hallucinatory effects can be unpleasant, such as spiders crawling on escort agency southport skin. Or they can be so strong the person feels like he or she is losing control.

Having a bad reaction to LSD and similar drugs is common. The scary sensations may last a few minutes or several hours.

They can be mildly frightening or terrifying. The user may feel panicked, confused, suspicious, anxious, and helpless.

Shifted perceptions can include:

Often the bad feelings go away when the drug wears off. But some people have them for several days after.

Sometimes these effects can last weeks or months. Some people can have a flashback.

They may have a repeat experience of the effects days, weeks, or even years after using the drug. The user may see intense colors and other hallucinations.

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The flashback can seem pleasant. Or it may produce severe anxiety. Flashbacks most often occur in people who used LSD over a long period. But they can happen in people who only use the drug now and then. Heavy users may develop brain palo alto lee escort review, such as problems with memory and attention span.

LSD's effects vary from person to person. They depend on many factors. These include the person's size, weight, and health.

It also matters how much of the drug is taken, the quality of the drug, and if it is toronto model escorts with other drugs. It's not safe to drive after using LSD. Sensory and perceptual distortions may cause the user to "see" things that impair driving.

If someone has a bad reaction to LSD, seek medical help right away. Stay with the person until he or escorts sunbury receives care.