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A dead-end job was all Josh could find in the former coal-mining town in Wales where he grew up. So he left behind his friends to become a highly paid male escort in London. Will Storr hears his story. He has a loyalty card scheme.

Nine smiley faces earn you an hour. He asked Josh to dress in a schoolboy outfit while he attached his elasticated schnozzle and plugged his tail into place.

The client male over and they had sex. Josh sees what he does as a legitimate business and compares himself variously to a doctor, a masseur and an athlete. He has monthly health checks, insists on condoms — even for oral sex — and forbids people from tying him up.

He parries any attempt to paint his life as dark or dangerous, insisting his moneyed life pegging escort spokane London is preferable to life in the town in which he grew up, where the only thing to do is work in Tesco. I asked if we could go there. And so, on a weekend of sagging cloud and sopping air, we met in Ammanford45 escorts north of Swansea.

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Josh sliced through the grey pedestrian precinct in his box-fresh trainers and shiny puffer jacket like a returning pop star. Metairie escort bbfs I photographed him in the park in which he used to take drugs, a group of youngsters jeered at us.

At the end of a windy car park, the triumphal Tesco loomed. We passed a weed-choked demolition site surrounded by steel fencing.

I asked what Josh was like as a. By 11 he was already hanging out with the older kids in the park, smoking weed and escort russian dubai. By 13 he was snorting up to seven grammes of amphetamine a day. I was physically fighting it.

Josh was sectioned in a Cardiff hospital. Josh had proto-sexual experiences with male friends when he was eight or nine. As the second-best-looking boy in school he got glenrothes escorts pick of the girls. She was eight and was sending herself teddies and flowers and saying I sent them. After this, more high street brands moved in.

Ammanford used to bustle with independent businesses. That has a hollowing effect on their spirits.

The kitchen surfaces were clean of clutter except cheap female escorts fayetteville a two-litre bottle of Coca Cola, a minibar vodka and a packet of Tesco apples. His family, he said, has been in the valley for generations. It was a Thatcher thing. She shut them all down.

Whatever it is, it is. Even most of the white people are Russian or Bosnian or something. At first, Josh tried modelling. Perhaps it was a very new relationship.

Unexpectedly, local escort ca melted into an affectionate smile. But he loved Josh, that was obvious. Nevertheless, I could see why Josh wanted to leave Ammanford and its people.

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I could see why, for waterloo ts escort reviews like him, this Tesco town was a nothing town. Back in London, Josh posed for photographs in his Stratford flat. He smoked cigarettes in a choirboy costume and pouted in his school blazer. He had the king-sized bed, the big TV, the marble bathroom.

Josh says he earns anything from a few hundred pounds a week to many thousands. He differentiates escorts from rent boys, who he says are hustlers. Like, adrian ga adult personals guy threatened to slit my throat or whatever. The tone of his voice. Cleanse your soul.

I mean, why are they Googling gay escorts? There are odd requests, too. Fuck that. Lots of men fall in love with Josh. I lose a lot of money because I have to say goodbye to them. Even with the non-clients. Surely it must be dangerous to trade it, as if it were no different to putting up a shelf? But I say his father escort girl calgary be proud of the son who refused male accept the oblivion of his hometown and is working so hard to write his own happy escort.

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