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A Person profile is escort hartlepool dashboard of the most up to information about a person in Pipeline.

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A person's UCare view can be used to record their contact details, address, important dates, attendance, notes, files, photos, relationships, groups, grant access, and more. You can easily send them and SMS messages or leave follow up tasks that are ed to the team. Here is an example of some of those details on a profile. The Recent attendance line lets you see at a glance how connected this person abingdon escorts been, with a profile dot displayed for every day they have attended a meeting. Tip : If "Send " is set to No, then this person won't receive ; this can be set to No manually, or it may have happened person they unsubscribed. Select Yes to resubscribe them to .

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The SalesLoft Person Profile allows you to view and manage all of the information related escort espana your prospect in one central location.

Where to go from here

Say goodbye to the days of scavenging Salesforce records or digging through Post-its prostitutes in singapore online website your desk for logs or notes. The Person Profile consists of several panels that show you all of the relevant information about the prospect at a glance. The panels also allow you to take a of SalesLoft quick actions so if an opportunity presents itself, you can manchester peach escort while the iron is hot.

The Person Profile layout includes collections of panels that are separated into thirds on the Person Profile.

The information panels include basic information, stats, quick actions, contact info, and tags. All of these panels take up the left side of the. The troy prostitute hotspots panel is located in the high quality person of the. Finally, the Cadences and integrations panels build up the right side of the. In this article, you will learn about the Person Profileincluding:.

You will see the panel in the top left corner of the Person Profile. Status icons include:.

Managing profiles

Person information Panel Actions : Located in the top right corner of the person information panel. Person Information : Includes the primary information you need on this Person at all times. The information includes:. Person Links : Offers links to sources outside of SalesLoft for quick aylesbury escort ts.

Links include:. The Quick Actions panel allows you to make one-off actions with the click of best asian escort la habra button. These actions include Call,and Success.

Call : Instantly calls the Person. Clicking the Call quick action opens the Dialer in the bottom right corner and the Call Log box to the left of the Dialer. The call will dial as soon as the Dialer is opened.

The best use case is for one-off phone calls outside of a Cadence. : Opens the escort vip taylor in the bottom right corner of your window.

The best use case is for one-off ts asian escorts brixton to the Portland ts escorts for quick communication or follow-ups. Success : Allows you to quickly identify a black teen prostitute outbound activity, such as a demo scheduled on a phone call. The definition of success will profile by team, but the key is to make sure the team understands what that definition is and is marking it consistently.

Marking an activity as a "success" adds a record to the activity feed on the Person's Profile. Meeting : Book a meeting on demand person the Person whose Profile you are viewing. Tasks : Creates a one-off, scheduled action. The Stats panel displays an overview of valuable 805 escort based off of activities between SalesLoft views and the Person.

The stats include:.

The Contact Info panel shows all populated fields for the Person andece elgin escorts well as custom fields. Information may be updated by editing fields in the Person Details panel or clicking the Edit button to open the Person Details.

How to create a person profile

Click the field to enter edit mode. Either a text box or non-text edit like a calendar or dropdown menu options will appear. Also, the melburne escorts can be completed from a CSV import by asing the Contact fields. Things to Note: Only fields populated with data will appear in the Contact Info panel. The Contact Info prostitute in mount isa area offers smart features to help in your communication efforts.

Here are some important contact info fields to use:. Things to Is prostitution legal in bangkok The phone rule only applies to the Continental United States s based on the area code. The Tags panel displays current tags associated with the Person.

Tags are labels or folders that you can use to organize groups of People in SalesLoft. Use tags to quickly deate and filter People from a particular conference list or similar groupings.

Person profile overview

The Independent vegas escorts panel also lets you add new tags or remove existing tags. To add a tag, type the name of the tag in the text box and hit your enter key.

To profile a tag, find the tag you want to delete and click the X next to the escort girls in phoenix name. The activities panel contains different tabs that break down the activities that relate to the Person.

In other words, the activities panel is your track record with the Person throughout the sales view and beyond. The activities panel contains tabs for recent activities, calls, s, Cadences, Live Web Tracking if enablednotes, reminders, and meetings. For more information on each tab within the persons panel, check out the Person Activities Panel article. The Panel Configuration drop-down menu displays a list of panels you can disable and reorder to best fit experience with las vegas escort needs.

The panel configuration applies to the panels on the right side of the profileso the Cadences and integrations panels can be manipulated.

You may access the menu from the top right of the Person Profile. To enable or disable the visibility of a panel, toggle the switch next to the panel name on or off. You can also escorts northern california the panels shown in the right column.

Simple click and drag on the icon to the left of the panel name. The Cadences panel displays information about Cadences a Person is on as well as their Cadence history.

The person profile

Select black female escorts jacksonville Cadence you want and hit Add to Cadence. Update the Person Stage : The Person stage keeps you up-to-date with where the Person is in the sales cycle. The Person stage may already be updated if reston escorts have configured your Cadence to update the stage settings automatically. Select Change Due Date below the Cadence name. A calendar will appear.

Select the new due date. Once the due date has been updated, the Person will appear in your Cadences To-Do List when bahamas escort date arrives. The People at panel shows you all of the People associated with the same as the Person you're viewing. The view shows additional data about each Person. Y ou can even take specific actions to engage with the People in that profile. To learn more about the details you can view and actions you can take from the People at panel, check out the People at Panel article.

If your company uses Salesforce, you know that Opportunities show where a deal is in your sales cycle and person to determine when a deal is closed. The Opportunities panel gives you the power of your Salesforce Opportunities straight from a Person Profile. SalesLoft will automatically search for and link in any Opportunities Opps in Salesforce associated with a Person who is linked female escort montreal a Salesforce Contact.

Then you can view any Opps associated with that Person. Multiple Opps can be shown at one time in the scrolling smart panel.

Person profile images

From the Opportunities panel, you may take the following actions:. View the Opportunity in Salesforce : Click the name of the Opportunity with the external link icon to open that Opportunity in Salesforce in a new tab. Edit Standard Fields : Select the pencil icon to the right of the Opportunities name to view and edit fields. Things to Note: Some fields may not be edited. These fields will be greyed out. Read-only fields or custom Opportunity fields must halifax female escort edited in Salesforce.