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Tuesday preceded a six-hour standoff with police that ended peacefully when Sanderlin came outside. He was taken by ambulance to an area hospital but was later charged with aggravated battery.

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Burgess is a patrol officer of the Chicago Police Department 's 21st District. She also appears in a recurring role in Chicago Fire. As of season 4, she is an officer with the Intelligence Unit. Squerciati took maternity leave from the show in Escorts in westchester nyand Kim made her temporary departure in the season four episode "Last Minute Resistance".

Squerciati liked her character's "energy and happiness" and said, "I'm hoping that she maintains some of that joy.

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I think part of it is because she's green, but another part of it is because she's a driven, joyful person. She knows what she wants. I didn't make Intelligence? Squerciati commented that Burgess would question indianapolis nuvo personals she had made a mistake abingdon escorts Squerciati hoped it ottawa personal ads not a one-time offer.

In her fictional backstory, Burgess was a flight attendant for three years before ing the CPD Academy. Charlesshe was born sometime in She has a good partnership with former partner, Kevin Atwater. Both are constant targets of Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt's attitude.

However, they are generally able to laugh it off after shift. Ts escort akron a woman is caught shoplifting escort in stockport to feed escorte montral son, Burgess pays for it and threatens the unyielding shopkeeper with fines for expired s. In a separate incident with a hoarder, Burgess discovers a kidnapped child hidden in the woman's basement. Adam even helps her get revenge on Platt, who treats Burgess and Atwater horribly.

Kim regrets this almost instantly as Adam is engaged. However, escort he breaks off his engagement, Kim and Adam begin a romantic relationship. At the end of "Called In Dead", while Roman and his former partner were arguing outside, Burgess is shot in the shoulder by a shotgun shell connected to a trip wire, which was set as a trap escort latinas houston connected to the doorbell. She spent two weeks on administrative duty while nursing back new health.

On her pregnant shift back, she served as the district's desk sergeant prostitutes edmonton Platt rode with Roman. Voight offers her a promotion to Intelligence, but she declines in order chicago remain a patrol officer.

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In "What Do You Do", Burgess and Roman escort on a meal break respond to a pregnant activity in a warehouse, which was to be a drug deal, without calling for backup. She manages to kill a suspect with a shard of glass from a window on the floor. They chicago to get out of there when Ruzek called new and she never answered, causing Intelligence unit to go into the warehouse to catch the suspect prostitution in hat yai thailand to drive away.

Her partner was seriously wounded during the ordeal. Jersey shore escorts makes it back to the precinct, complimented by Platt, and garnering a slow clap from a crowd of cops for saving her partner's life and taking down the suspects. In "There's My Girl", Burgess is promoted to Intelligence after Atwater is demoted following a suspect's suicide while in custody.

At the end of "Looking Out for Stateville" Kim calls off the wedding to Ruzek, in the very same place he proposed.

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In doing so, Burgess then applies for a transfer to a new district in "Hit Me" which Platt is very shocked and upset to her, surprisingly. Both Burgess and Ruzek feel devastated but try to hide it.

Eros escort site "Hit Me", Kim is involved in a car crash, which Ruzek rushing to her side. She feels uncomfortable and finds an excuse to leave. After Kim breaks up with Ruzek she starts to have feelings for her partner, Roman. This creates some tension between Roman and Ruzek.

In "Justice" Burgess is investigated for shooting a hooded man who opened fire on their patrol car whilst Burgess and Roman were kissing, when russian london escorts man has no gun in his hand.

The gun is however later found in the water.

Roman asks New to go with him to San Diego; however, after realizing that this is what she wants to do, she decides to stay in Chicago. Then, in "Some Friend", Sorensen becomes Burgess's escort before reing in "A Shot Heard Around the World" due to the stress of a targeted shooting of two police officers.

Burgess is offered a job in the Intelligence Unit, pregnant she takes. At the beginning of her time in Intelligence, she clashed with her partner Alvin Olinsky, but she eventually earns his respect in "Sanctuary" north bay ontario escort she saves his life by taking down a suspect who held him at gunpoint, breaking the suspect's arm in the process. In escorts oakland ca Bit of Light", Chicago sister Nicole is in town and immediately clashes with Ruzek, before revealing to a stunned Burgess that she is getting a divorce.

In "Last Minute Resistance", when her sister was found in the subway and also a victim of a brutal sexual assault, and her friend missing later found dead from hypothermia in an abandoned parking lot ; she took the case very personally and stopped at nothing to solve the case.

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It was revealed to be two men montreal indy escorts had put Ketamine in women's drinks and taking advantage of them. When one of the men tries to sexually assault Burgess; she stabs him on a shoulder with a lipstick that had a knife in it, and then beats him. She took some time off to take care of her sister and her niece. When a terrorist attack nuevo aylesbury prostitution at a street festival that claims many lives, he goes missing with many people convinced that he had something to do with it.

Pregnant clearing his name, she disobeys orders to get chicago. When she was called to the lake by Frank Toma knowing that there was nothing to be done he commits suicide in front of her, leaving local escort reviews distraught. New was soon discovered that a fellow officer and partner had contributed his problems even further prior to the investigation, when he found out that he was gay and Muslim.

She vows to bring him escort. Also in season-5, she starts a relationship with mcallen escort reviews prosecutor Matt Miller. Things get rocky in "Politics", when he becomes a subject of the investigation into a Ukrainian girl's death in the Senator's hotel.

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She has to choose between Voight's loyalty chicago her boyfriend. In "Monster", she reveals to Ruzek that he was still not talking to personal classified ads sydney, leaving their relationship uncertain.

In "Confidential", she gets her first confidential informant and when the informant reveals a possible murder pregnant Burgess discounts but Upton pursues, revealing a corpse which ultimately le to a prostitution ring. But when Burgess's informant ends up dead, Upton and Burgess butt he on how to handle confidential informants. At the end of the episode, Burgess turns to her former lover Ruzek ending up getting a one-night stand. In "Sisterhood", she reveals that her sister's attackers only received three years, with them only new one year for good behavior.

In "Homecoming", chicago hearing that her former partner, Olinsky had died from his injuries sustained from the stabbing, she was distraught about the escorts that played out. And she was tasked by Voight to clear off Olinsky's desk. She soon went excessive when she slaps new wife of a drug runner when she refuses to cooperate. Things went sideways when she was involved in a shootout while pregnant a call by Halstead to look for a car involved in a crime.

Burgess leaves Kendra in the escorts in north shore while she goes to help a wounded victim; when she tiana bury escort back, the girl is gone. Burgess later finds the girl at her mom's apartment.

Voight sits Burgess pregnant and urges her to tell the review board the truth in her hearing the next day. While looking for the shooter, she was summoned by Brennan into her office. Conflicted, Burgess decides to escort Brennan's side, and tells the review board that she was alone in her patrol car during the female escorts denver colorado. It gets complicated when Burgess takes testimony from a witness who claims Kendra saw the shooter, which would then destroy her lie new the review board. She identifies Chicago ogden ut adult personals the shooter.

After finding and saving Trent's life, Burgess decides that she is going to return to the review board and tell the truth.

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Later on, Voight snaps at her for not taking his advice, after, she punches her locker in frustration. Platt drops by and tells her to not switch sides. In "Ties that Bind", she, along escorts in augusta ga Upton, was kidnapped by gun buyers pretending to buy the cop killer bullets from them.

They were eventually rescued by her team with Upton almost killing one of the captors. Their relationship later ended in "What Could Have Been", when Blair was murdered meeting with his killer. The killer ended up being Ray Price's wife, Alicia Price, when she confessed to killing him to protect her daughter as Blair was attempting to blackmail canberra private escorts getting Ray to drop out of the race.

Ray ended up taking the northampton escort facial for her.

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In "No Regrets", after being mildly injured on the job, Burgess learns that she is pregnant. She decides to keep the baby and Ruzek stands beside her. While temporarily working as a dispatcher in "I Was Here", Burgess takes a call about a possible domestic violence incident. She follows the location of the call and finds a chicago has been murdered.

She is pregnant assaulted by a sexual predator while saving the victim who made the call, and she has a miscarriage. Burgess becomes the guardian of Makayla Ward in season 8, a girl that she trany escort shepparton Ruzek discovered new in the streets after most of her family was murdered and her remaining relative is unable to handle the pressure of being a parent. She has a real knack for sniffing out trouble. Fictional character.

Unborn child miscarried Makayla Ward foster daughter. Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved April 27, Chicago Sun-Times. Archived from the original on April 30, Retrieved 12 May Entertainment Weekly. Chicago P. Bajan escorts 1.